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 We can create a brand that stands out and truly reflects your business and the message you want

Attention all  entrepreneurs! Don’t be one of those who need tech solutions but don’t know how to get them.

According to the World Start up Wiki, NOW is the right time to bet money on startups in Pakistan and it is the next destination of serial entrepreneurs and investors.However, with the death of traditional retail, it is just not possible for a business to survive without proper online presence.

How do you survive in such conditions?

Simple. You turn to Selecto Solutions!

Selecto Solutions is Pakistan’s FIRST women-owned, women-run software house that prides itself in assisting and helping entrepreneurs and small business owners in setting up their presence online.You must have heard of the report that says that an organization that has women at the helm of affairs performs much better than the others. Test it for yourself.

We, a bunch of extremely charged women, have come together to assist businesses by providing technical and web solutions.From web design & Development, SEOs, content development, blogs to social media, business process outsourcing and  printing solutions, we have got it all covered! Here is a detailed list. And you know what’s even better? You can pay us once you start making enough money.We offer flexible, adjustable, payable packages.

Selecto Solutions offers easy, interest-free, pay-us-later facility which means you can get your website and social media up and running with NO COST and once your business takes wings, you can pay us for our services in easy installments.Be it a handmade jewellery shop, paintings, designing and stitching services, furniture, we are ready to help you take charge of your dreams!

Think about it. Selecto Solutions could be the answer to all your prayers!



We sit with you and discuss all the opportunities that a good design can open up for you. You are in-charge as we facilitate you with our experience in the market and the latest trends in design and content.


Idea & Concept

Once you shortlists ideas, we start working on building a conceptual framework. Your vision and ideals are integrated into the basic structure we are setting up for us to work around.


Design & Develop

Or brick and mortar! This is where the construction actually happens. Once we have the wire-frames and the blueprints ready, our teams roll up their sleeves and start putting in the hours to get the product up and running.


Testing & Support

Our work isn’t done yet. After the systems are running, we start testing. We also involve you in the process and you will get a feel of how your clients will experience your product. We are available throughout for any kind of support that you will require.


Come in, feel at home.
We have all the solutions that you need and even those which they don’t expect.


Full stack development

We convert your visitors to customers!
Inbound Marketing
Content Marketing
Social Media
CRM & Sales


Full stack development

You don’t need a website, you need results. If your website is underperforming, let us turn that around.
Creative Philosophy
Interactive/Responsive Experience
Business Integration


Full stack development

Strategy is do or die. And we believe in getting it right to help you win!
Buyers personas
Customer journeys
SWOT analysis


Full stack development

Our user-centric designs will not fail to impress.

Information Architecture
Wireframing & Prototyping
UI Design
Responsive Design
Usefulness Testing
Usability Testing
UX Audits


Successful Projects




Lines of Code


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